Playing for Success Eindhoven

A UNique concept that increases the development opportunities of children and young people



Playing for Success Eindhoven is a unique concept that increases the development of children and young people. 

These are children who can use a helping hand with:

  • increasing self confidence
  • the (learning-)motivation
  • cooperation with other children
  • be more positiev about themselves

Together with the children, Playing for Success Eindhoven works on the above goals and we strive to ensure that children achieve the optimum return at school. 

Course plan PFS Eindhoven

We proudly present the 2022-2024 Playing for Success Eindhoven course plan. And we started energetically:

  • With 162 students in the after-school program
  • With a new target group of the MBS and Mytylschool in Eindhoven
  • With a class trajectory of a primary school
  • With 13 seventh grade boost groups from Eckart College
  • And from February another group of the Summa Plus!
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Do you want to learn to tell stories in front of a large group, to give your opinion, to make contacts or do you want to learn to ask questions better to others? 





The program consists of 12 meetings where children come to the learning centre in the Philips Stadium or Parktheater once a week. 

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Registration for a Playing for Success trajectory takes  place through school, usually through the teacher oor the internal supervisor.                                                                        

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Toon Gerbrands about PFS

"Everyone performs at their own level. Everyone always follows their own route. Everyone is unique and that means that everyone has the right to a tailor-made approach. This could be the statement of a top coach who works with a top team. This approach also applies to anyone who needs a little help to get the most out of themselves in a different way than we have conceived in our society.

It's great that Playing for Success is there to play an important role in this. It provides confidence and a smile for the participants. What a perfect result and what a rewarding work."





PICTURES of our pupils in action


become a partner of PFS EindhoveN!

The realization of the Playing for Success Eindhoven learning center has been made possible thanks to a subsidy from the government and the municipality of Eindhoven. To guarantee the continuity of the learning center, we make use of various money flows in addition to the municipal subsidy.  

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Internship at Playing for Success Eindhoven

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for interns who would like to work with children between the ages of 9 and 14 and who want to help them improve their performance in relation to their own ability! We are looking for a real team player because you work in a team with many different interns from different courses. We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated interns who can also pass this on to the children. We are looking for you!

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