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class course

Primary and secondary schools can register classes in addition to individual children. These processes can be of different character and take place during school hours. The aim of the process is to get the group as a whole back on track by working on positivity, self-confidence and empathy. The awareness of the children is very important here. By making children aware of what is going on in the classroom and their own role in it, they can change their own behavior towards each other and the teacher.

The content of the meetings is tailored to the needs of the group and the teacher. The school will first have a conversation with Playing for Success, in which the options are indicated. The details of the process are discussed from there. In the meantime, the trajectory will be evaluated to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the class.


The power of the class course

The children come to the Philips Stadium to perform all kinds of activities in and around the stadium. Precisely because they are out of the school situation, the children are more open to learning. The WOW factor of the stadium ensures that children are extra enthusiastic and want to commit themselves to the process, even if a child does not like football. Getting to places in the Philips Stadium where you normally wouldn't go is special for everyone. By often filling in positively during the activities and by continuously working on, among other things, cooperation and trust in each other, we ultimately achieve an 'ideal class'.

After getting acquainted in the first meeting and identifying and highlighting the qualities of all children in the class, we develop in the second meeting with all children together an 'ideal class'.  In 11 meetings we work towards becoming that 'ideal class'. During the 12th meeting we will conclude the process with an official graduation ceremony.

Parents are also involved in the process. Before the process, Playing for Success will give a presentation in the classroom. If necessary, a presentation can also be given to parents. During the graduation ceremony, parents are very welcome to come and celebrate the success. In consultation it is possible to organize a parent meeting halfway through the process, where parents are invited to the learning center and can see and experience what the class is doing at Playing for Success.



The costs are 300 euros per meeting. We advise 12 meetings, with a minimum of 8 meetings.


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If you are interested in a class course, please contact Juultje Rovers to make an appointment via the email address: or mobile: +31 (0)6 - 14 32 73 97.