Playing for Success Eindhoven


The trajectory

Playing for Success Eindhoven is a unique concept that increases the development opportunities of children and young people. These are children aged 9 to 14 who can use a helping hand in increasing self-confidence, (learning) motivation, cooperation with other children and / or may be more positive about themselves. These are often children who do not achieve the optimum return at school.

The Playing for Success Eindhoven Foundation stands next to the child in the process and gives them responsibility for their own learning process. The foundation does this by setting a learning goal together with the children. Often these are goals that you cannot achieve in one meeting. Every week the children record a step, what can be achieved in that week and what is related to their learning goal. Children practice their steps by performing challenging activities in and around the Philips Stadium. And since 2019 we have also been active in the Parktheater in Eindhoven. Two WOW locations that the children like to visit.

All activities contain goals aimed at increasing social competences and assignments with, for example, language and arithmetic are used as a means. The foundation mainly emphasizes what children can do instead of what they cannot do. We work via the solution-oriented methodology. Children do not experience that "they're learning" as all activities are offered in a challenging and spectacular way. Playing for Success Eindhoven is not a school, it is an addition to what the school can offer.

The process consists of 12 meetings in which children come to the learning center in the Philips Stadium or the Parktheater once a week. Children are also given the opportunity to make use of a follow-up meeting three months after completion of the program. This examines how the child is doing with regard to his learning objective at Playing for Success.

The children are placed in a group of maximum 20 pupils and the group is supervised by a qualified teacher and five permanent supervisors. Each meeting is structured as a football match (or a theater performance) with a:

  • Warming-up
  • Pre-meeting (tactics determination)
  • First half
  • Halftime
  • Second half
  • Evaluation

Signing up

Registration takes place through the schools. Schools and parents jointly determine whether Playing for Success Eindhoven can contribute to the development of your child.


Three times a school year, an after-school learning process of 12 weeks starts. The start will take place in: September, January and April.

• Park Theater: Monday between 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM.
• Philips Stadium: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (group 8 route) and Friday between 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM.


Information evening

When your child has been registered by the school, you will receive information about the dates of the meetings from Playing for Success Eindhoven. In addition, all parents are given the opportunity to visit an information evening in the learning center of Playing for Success Eindhoven or in the Parktheater prior to the process. Here you can meet the teacher & nbsp; and you will receive substantive information about the process. 

Parents are invited three times to the learning center or theater: for the information evening, around the sixth meeting with the parent meeting and during the festive graduation ceremony. During the pick-up and drop-off times you are always welcome for a chat in the learning center!


The costs for the parents are €95,- per pupil. These costs are for 12 meetings including a follow-up meeting. If you as a parent do not have the option to pay this amount, you can contact Stichting Leergeld.  Stichting Leergeld reimburses the parental contribution, provided the parents are eligible. To assess this, they will talk to parents who are not yet known to Stichting Leergeld. When parents are known to Stichting Leergeld, a personal meeting is not necessary and the invoice for the process may be sent to Stichting Leergeld.

Stichting Leergeld can be reached on Monday morning and Thursday morning on telephone number: +31 (0) 40-213 11 41 or you can send an email to:

Evaluation and Results

Parents and school receive a development report from Playing for Success Eindhoven three times during the process. This report is made available through the digital portal: In this report you can read how the development went and what the end result is.

Playing for Success Eindhoven started in 2009. The foundation is tested annually by research agency Oberon and achieves good results. Research agency Oberon shows that 99% of the kids made progress on one of the themes focused on cooperation, motivation, self-confidence and independent learning (report school year 2017-2019). Successes have been achieved in recent years and a lot of expertise has been built up with the supervision of more than 3000 children. 




Mother of Noah

"Her confidence and belief in herself has really improved dramatically. She has become a lot freer, more social and less fearful; she now talks to others of her own accord."

Mother of Kars

"My child has really progressed in standing up for himself and asking questions when he is upset, really great!"

Father of Dylan

"Dylan is less shy and has gained more commitment and determination."

Mother of Danisha

"I thought it was an attractive learning environment that appeals to the children more and is better suited to their experiences. The program is designed in such a way that the children themselves are not aware that they are learning. The experience is above all: nice to be there. "

Teacher Maartje about Ilse

"Ilse is less shy and shows more dedication and perseverance. She dares to ask more questions in class so that she is less likely to get stuck in her work."